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The day-to-day running of the school is carried out by the Principal and the School Manager, both of whom hold Montessori Diplomas. Responsible to them is one Classroom manager and their teams of dedicated teaching assistants who direct the children through the Early Years curriculum firmly based on Montessori principles. For educational sessions we maintain a staff:child ratio of 1:6 for 3/4 year olds and 1:3 for 2 year olds. This meets the OFSTED and government requirements.

Please download our full staff list (PDF) for more details.

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Management Committee

The New Montessori Pre-school is a limited company run by a Management Committee comprising a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and additional members. The Committee is made up of non-remunerated volunteers; parents and local professional people who work together with the Pre-school to ensure the best for our children.

The Committee meets every 6-8 weeks to discuss various matters relating to the running of the school and to make important decisions with regard to the school's future. Every July the Management Committee meet to set the fee rate for September. We are always looking for additional members so if you think you may be able to help please contact us.

The Principal attends every meeting and as a parent you are welcome to attend Management Committee meetings at any time. You can only be involved in the decision making process if you are a Committee Member.

Details of meetings are posted on the school doors and notified in Newsletters. Copies of the Annual General Meetings and the minutes of the meeting are available from your Classroom Manager.

To date the Management Committee has:

  • Achieved Charity status for the Pre-school so that we can receive donations and redeem the tax back on sponsorship monies. Registered Charity No 1086853
  • Formed a Limited Company Registration Number 3908382
  • Committed to providing further education for staff
  • Financed and supported the Montessori Diploma
  • Supported staff through NVQ3 and other training
  • Created a Business Plan
  • Applied for Government Grants
  • Enabled the Pre-school to open afternoon and lunchtime sessions.
  • Opened a second morning class in January 2004
  • Been looking into purchasing our own building.
  • April 2006 – organised and arranged for Pre-school to move to Tarring Road.
  • 2016 - Worked with the Big Lottery to provide our pre-school with a new website, intercom system and new Kindles
  • 2017 - Achieved campaign to put a crossing on Tarring Road for all children

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Fundraising Team

The Montessori way of teaching is a unique method that requires very specific and expensive equipment. The Pre-school is a charitable, not-for-profit making organisation and raises funds through events arranged by the Fundraising Team. This enables our pre-school to purchase additional Montessori equipment, which helps to keep the school fees at an affordable rate.

The Fundraising Team meets every 6-8 weeks, dependent on the events that need to be discussed and arranged. There is always a member of staff at the meetings, so you also get to meet your child's teachers informally. New parents are always needed as we are constantly brainstorming for new fundraising ideas!

Details of the next meeting arranged for the Fundraising Team will be displayed on our notice board, as well as being highlighted in our newsletters.

The Fundraising Team organises (depending on parents on the team):

  • Summer Fayre
  • Winter Fayre/An Annual Raffle: Held at our Pre-schools Annual General Meeting in December
  • Christmas gifts such as: cards made by your child, calendars of your child, letters to Santa, Handprint Bags

All these activities enable the Fundraising Team to provide extra curriculum events for the children at the end of each term, as well as contributing towards the costs of the Montessori Materials.

If you're interested in learning more about how our school is run, our history, and perhaps joining our team, have a look at this letter from one of our mums (PDF) .

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